October 20, 2011 Posted by erb in

Yamaha Helps Tenori-on Users Step Up With New erb N dub Sample Set

Samples of course play a major role in erb N dub’s music and over the years he has built a huge library of personal samples that are the fingerprint of his sound. Now following a recent visit to his studio ‘the Dubzone’ Yamaha have persuaded erb N dub to share some of his samples with other Tenori-on fans and he has carefully put together a selection of dedicated sample voices for the Tenori-on which include dnb kit, dubstep kit, Bass & Synth, and a Vocal & SFX. As well as providing the samples that can be downloaded for free, erb N dub has also put together a selection of demo loops to hear and give an idea of what’s possible. More Info Here - CLICK HERE
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